The Equality Watch Centre (EWC) is an international platform formed to support anti-discrimination work and equality policies in Turkey. It collaborates with various organisations and institutions in Turkey and across Europe which carry out anti-discrimination work.


  • Union of Turkish Bar Associations (UTBA), Ankara, Turkey
  • Atılım University Faculty of Law, Ankara, Turkey
  • Dutch Anti-Discrimination Bureaus, Netherlands

Equality Watch Centre Turkey Network

EWC – Turkey Network consists of civil society organisations working on discrimination in Turkey, professional chambers, academic centres, human rights defenders, independent researchers and experts working in this field.

Aim of the Network

  • Developing methods to encourage the collection of equality data in Turkey and conducting collaborative research,
  • Designing, conducting and supporting lobbying, advocacy and visibility activities for the defense of equal rights in Turkey,
  • Network members actively participate in the work of the Center and can provide feedback and/or advice on its work.

Main Criteria for Joining the Network

  • Working on human rights and/or on various bases of discrimination,
  • To have approved the “EWC Working Principles Document”, which covers the working and ethical principles of the Network
  • Joining the Centre by filling out the EWC Turkey Network Membership Application Form (Please read the information note on sharing personal data before filling out the Application Form)