Equality Watch Centre (EWC) is an international platform that carries out joint work to support equality policies and strengthen Equality Institutions in Turkey. The Centre’s work is coordinated by the Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER) and the Netherlands Helsinki Committee (NHC); it is supported by the Council of Europe’s European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).

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Discrimination Practices in Turkey

In the research conducted by Association for Monitoring Equal Rights (AMER) on the perception of discrimination in Turkey in the last three years, showed that people think they are discriminated against mostly because of their ‘political views’. While those who think that they have been discriminated against because of their gender identity and sexual orientation are in the second place, the number of those who state that they are discriminated against because of their religious belief, race and ethnicity is quite high.

National Equality Bodies as a Human Rights Protection Mechanism

National Human Rights Institutions (NHRI), established in accordance with the Paris Principles, take on important duties in terms of governments respecting human rights and fulfilling their obligations arising from contracts and are an important element of the national protection system. AMER’s report aims to reveal what role the Ombudsman (KDK) and Human Rights and Equality Institution of Turkey (TİHEK) play or fail to play in the protection and promotion of human rights in Turkey.

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